Monday, February 24, 2014

Coffee Trends - Putting Butter in Your Coffee

That's right, folks, one of the latest coffee trends is to put a bit of butter in your coffee. This latest trend will either make you do one of two things: feel a newfound burst of energy that you have never felt from just a cup of coffee before OR it will make you lose your lunch.

Give it the college try, put just a bit of butter in your next cup of coffee, or don't; this is blog post, not a cop. The only caveat to this trend, should you try it, is that the butter has to be unsalted, grass-fed butter (the cows were grass-fed, for anybody who was confused by that). The reason for the unsalted, grass-fed butter instead of normal butter is that the creators of this trend believe that normal butter has a lot of unnecessary ingredients and the grass-fed is much more natural and healthy; why unsalted? Well, do you want salty coffee?

So what do you gain from putting some butter in your coffee? As I previously mentioned, a better sense of energy than you can allegedly get from a normal cup of coffee. According to people who participate in this trend, normal coffee gives you a buzz of energy but after a couple hours, you come crashing down; when you put some of this special butter in it, you get that buzz of energy but it is apparently much more stable and lasts longer, plus, coming off the energy is less of a crash and more of a glide.

How does this happen? Well, according to coffee experts, it is the MCT oil from the special butter in the coffee that is digested faster than many other fats, so your energy is felt sooner.

Of course, the grand idea of butter in coffee is not necessarily new; people of Tibet (Tibetans) have put butter in their tea to create Yak butter tea.

So how does it taste? Apparently, it tastes like a very creamy latte. So go ahead, brew some single cup coffee and plop in a piece of butter, remember, unsalted & grass-fed!

The trend is gaining some traction with its 3 million (and growing) followers.

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