Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Can We Have Tea or Coffee After Thanksgiving Dinner?

It is customary for many people to have a cup of tea or coffee right after having a large meal. We get tired and so a cup of coffee is ideal to wake us up; a cup of tea often seems ideal, too, because we think the menthol or mint can soothe our stomachs.

While we can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after a meal, right after is not always the best plan of action. The best time to have some coffee or tea is an hour after eating.

Why should you wait an hour after eating? Well, tea and coffee both have acid in them and that acid can cause proteins to digest slower; this could cause us to not get the full benefits from the meal.

This is why you should wait an hour after finishing the meal; you get the benefits of the meal and then still get to enjoy the benefits of the coffee or tea.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What is the Best Tea for a Sore Throat?

Do you have a sore throat? There are several tea options you can choose from that should help.

Herbal tea-- Herbal teas can help your sore throat in a few different ways. Some herbal teas have some sort of mucilage that will coat the mucus and shorten the healing process and have anti-inflammatory properties. They can also give you immune system a boost. Eucalyptus and peppermint tea are great for this. If you consume peppermint tea, you will consume menthol, which is great for decongesting nasal passages.

Traditional tea- Teas that are from the Camellia Sinensis plant, such as black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and pu-erh tea, are great at helping with sore throats. Some tea manufacturers blend these together and get creations like Irish Breakfast or Earl Grey tea. If you have these teas, you can add in some cinnamon bark, ginger root (peeled and sliced), and some honey or lemon; this will create a wonderful tasting tea with great nutrients that will help ease the soreness.

Fusion tea- Teas can be infused with sweeteners (natural) for added nutrients and health benefits. Honey and citrus are often the things that get infused into the tea. Honey is great for reducing inflammation and citrus (such as lemons or oranges) are great for vitamin C.

Of course, remember to take your medication when you are sick.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

8 Fun & Festive Twists on Coffee

Coffee is already an amazing thing but who is to say that you can't make a great thing better? I say you can! In the spirit of it being cold out now and holidays coming up, here are 8 ways to make your coffee a bit more delightful.

  1. Caramel. Using some of the caramel ice cream topping in your fridge will work wonderfully for this. If you are more of a purist, you can melt down some caramel and mix it in. 
  2. Vanilla. Mixing in some vanilla extract or some vanilla coffee creamer makes coffee taste like heaven. 
  3. Cinnamon. If you use ground cinnamon, then add in a teaspoon of it; if you want to be a bit more adventurous, then use a cinnamon stick to stir your coffee. This is a common thing to do in Spain and some South American countries. Very good.
  4. Ice cream. Mix in whatever kind of ice cream you want but I tend to stay with vanilla or chocolate. Make sure your coffee is hot enough to take the coldness of the ice cream and stay warm. 
  5. Peppermint. Use a peppermint candy cane to stir your coffee, it tastes great and works wonderfully! It is cool, too, because you hear the candy cane crackle and melt due to the heat of the coffee. 
  6. Chocolate. Make it mocha! I like to mix in some hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, or break of pieces of a candy bar. 
  7. Honey. A spoonful of honey gives it great flavor and texture. Who doesn't love honey? 
  8. Marshmallow fluff. I was skeptical about this one but it gives great flavor and makes it a bit thick and creamy. Wow, so good. 
Give these tips a try! You'd be surprised how delicious some can be, like the marshmallow fluff, who knew? Once you try them, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or in the comments! 

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Monday, November 10, 2014

4 Common Mistakes People Make with Coffee

Coffee is at the heart of many Americans, and frankly, people around the globe. Many of us consume it first thing in the morning, then again later on in the morning, perhaps again in the afternoon, etc. We drink a lot of it. It smells good, it tastes great, and keeps us happy and sane.

However, there are certain things that we do with coffee that are not great to do with coffee.
  1. The first thing is that some people try to use coffee as a substitute for smoking. While this can be a great idea, replacing the cigarette with the coffee K-Cup is that some of the effects of the chemicals in the cigarette and the tobacco can make the liver perform faster; this makes the metabolism burn the caffeine faster than a coffee drinker who does not smoke. Due to this, smokers can have a higher caffeine tolerance than non-smokers and might have to drink three to four times the amount of coffee to have the same effect. Having too much coffee can create some health risks, remember, everything in moderation.
  2. Having coffee too late in the day creates another issue. The point of coffee is to wake us up but we do not want to have coffee but we do not want it to prevent us from falling asleep at night. If you have coffee too late, then you might find your bedtime is thrown off, which disrupts your sleep cycle. Know your body and how it reacts to caffeine. If you really want more coffee later in the day, try using decaf coffee.
  3. Trying to sweat out the caffeine is not something that works too well either. Have you ever had one cup too many and then you feel jittery and anxious? Often times, we try to do something to sweat out the caffeine. Sometimes, we try to eat something to soak up some of the caffeine as well. The ladder might work, depending on what you eat but not always. See, caffeine is metabolized at the same rate no matter what so trying to sweat it out or eating food to soak it up does not really work too well.
  4. Believing that only die-hards can tolerate espresso. Yeah, we know that espresso can be a real bold way to drink coffee but it is not reserved for the dedicated and seasoned coffee consumers. A shot of espresso has less caffeine than an 8 ounce cup of coffee. You also might find it interesting that a lightroast coffee has more caffeine than a dark roast coffee or a mediumroast coffee.

Coffee sure is an interesting beverage. We love it!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10 Fun Twists to Put on Hot Cocoa

What is better than having a cup of instant hot cocoa on a chilly day? Nothing, that's what. You can submit other answers but hot cocoa trounces them all. Anyway, it is delicious, warm, and brings happiness to us all. Have you ever wondered how to make something so good even better? Well, I have 10 excellent ways to make your amazing hot cocoa even more fantastic.

  1. Add caramel. I'll admit it, I'm on the "cars-mel" side of things when saying that word, sorry "carmel" fans. Add in a tablespoon of caramel to this and you get a great mix of flavors. Just brew your hot cocoa K-Cup and mix in the goodness. 
  2. Add in ice cream. A small scoop of ice cream is a wonderful way to add in some creaminess and body to the cocoa. Do not worry, your cocoa should still be plenty warm after mixing in the cold ice cream, assuming you heat up the cocoa hot enough prior to the ice cream. 
  3. Add in cinnamon. A great way to add in some spice. 
  4. Add in zest from an orange. What a refreshing and fragrant way to make your cocoa tastier! It is no secret that orange and chocolate make a great combo.
  5. Add in some peppermint. Mmm-mm how about a minty, chocolatey drink??
  6. Peanut butter. It is like a liquid Reese's cup. Amazing. 
  7. Habanero pepper. A spicy twist that makes it tantalizing and oh so good. 
  8. Cherries. You know that jar of maraschino cherries in the fridge? Plop a couple of those in and have a chocolate cherry. 
  9. Maple syrup. Squirt some if nature's nectar in some cocoa and have a great cocoa! It's not just for waffles and pancakes, anymore! 
  10. Coffee. Brewing some K-Cup coffee and then mixing it with your cocoa is a wonderful way to get some nice flavor, and caffeine, into the cocoa! 
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