Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What You Need to Know About Shoveling Snow & Hot Cocoa

So if you live in any of the northern states, then it is likely that you have had to dealt with at least some snow in the last few weeks. If you live in the upper-midwest or the northeast, then you have had to deal with quite a bit of it.

This means that we have been shoveling quite a bit of snow. 

When we are outside in the winter & shoveling snow, we tend to get cold, even with all that protective gear on. In order to ward off things like hypothermia, frostbite, or just being uncomfortable for too long, we have to go inside and warm up. What expedites the warm up process and is delicious is hot cocoa

It can take a long time to make hot chocolate from the stove so you need something fast because this is an emergency! Why not brew a dark chocolate hot cocoa K-Cup? It will only take you a minute and you'll be back to warmth, and happiness, in no time!

Need a quick fix to your lack of hot cocoa K-Cups? Then order from Coffeevines, we will ship them directly to your door with fast & easy UPS shipping.

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