Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Coffee Trends to Expect in 2015

Every year, something new happens in the world of coffee and every time, there are trends that make people wonder, "Why are we doing this?" and there are also ones that make people wonder, "Why didn't we do this sooner?"

We have a list of 10 trends that we believe will happen next year; only time will tell if we are right or wrong. Let's hope we're right!

  1. Using coconut/almond milk. There are some coffee shops that are using almond and/or coconut milk as options to regular milk but next year, these milks will be at every shop. Why? Well, people are looking for alternatives to even soy milk and these milks are already popular choices in stores. 
  2. Coffee drive-thrus. These are already around and can be popular, depending on the area. However, these will become just as popular of a way to order your co
    ffee as going into the store. People don't always like to have to park their car, go into the shop, order, wait in line, then get back into their car and go. Expect to see more coffee shops with drive-thrus. 
  3. Desserts from local bakeries. More coffee shops will have pastries from local bakeries instead of using pre-packaged goods. 
  4. Chilled coffee over iced coffee. Due to droughts in many regions of the country, more shops are cutting back on water usage, which means switching to chilled coffee. 
  5. Getting to see how it's done. Much like some shops already do, expect to be able to watch your coffee be made very easily. Of course, if you use a K-Cup coffee machine, then you can already see your coffee be made. 
  6. Coffee being used as a marinade. Some chefs are discovering how coffee adds great flavor to meat. This isn't a coffee shop trend but it still fits with the list. 
  7. Coffee used as a sleep-aid. That's right, some people are already using coffee to help them fall asleep. We're not sure how it works but bedtime coffee might be a thing. 
  8. Single cup coffee machines in hotel rooms. Having the ability to make a real cup of coffee in the morning is something that frequent hotel travelers love to do instead of the toy-sized coffee pots they usually see. 
  9. Blends from countries we don't usually see. We are used to seeing Brazil, Colombian, and French blends but expect to see blends from countries you didn't know had their own coffee blends
  10. Small and mighty. As a nation, we are looking at Europe and liking their style of coffee, especially Italy, where coffee is small but packed with power. Expect to see more espresso style drinks become the norm. 
We love coffee and the styles that go along with it. At Coffeevines, we believe the best coffee is the coffee you brew yourself and can shop for when it's most convenient for you. 

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