Thursday, May 28, 2015

When is the Best Time to Drink Coffee in the Morning?

Many coffee drinkers consume their life-giving coffee first thing after waking up. It sounds like a good idea. Coffee wakes you up and right after getting out of bed is when you seemingly need it most. Although, science has been telling us that the best time to drink coffee is around 10 AM.

If you are indeed the type of person who NEEDS their coffee as soon as they get up, this might not be wonderful news for you. So why is 10 AM the best time? Well, according to research from AsapScience, our cortisol levels peak between 8 and 9 AM; cortisol is the "stress hormone" which is how our bodies naturally wake themselves up.
If you are sipping your coffee during this time, the effect of the caffeine is not helpful.

Aside from 8-9 AM, our peak cortisol times are 12-1 PM (during most of our lunch times), and then at 5:30-6:30 PM.

We should mention that if you are waking up very early or much later than the average person (who wakes up between 7-8 AM), then your peak cortisol times are going to be different. If you are one of these people, just know your peak cortisol time is about an hour after waking up.

So there is another health benefit of drinking fresh ground coffee at home! Or even if you go out and buy your Starbucks coffee or another brand, as long as it's coffee!

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