Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Coffee is a very popular, and healthy, beverage. Millions and millions of people around the world drink the stuff every morning, afternoon, evening, and night. With so many people around the world drinking coffee, people with varying interests and tastes (pun intended), there is certainly a wide variety of coffee options. 

Our fresh coffee team decided to put a little article together to talk about how your particular coffee order just might describe the type of person you are. Yes, the article is somewhat facetious, although you might find some truth in here, too. 

  • The latte lover: Latte drinkers tend to seek out comfort, be chill, and reflect on things. They like to add in some cream and sugar to their coffee, which reminds of them of how there's always a little sweetness in a dark, bitter world. Their mug is often playful and they like to have shirts sporting an interest from their childhood. Like Thundercats. Their ideal way to drink coffee is to lay on the couch or comfy recliner, while wearing moccasins and comfortable jeans. 

  • The espresso enthusiast: Always on the move and taking charge. Is that their fourth shot of espresso since the morning status meeting? I've lost count. They like abbreviated words in emails and texts to save time. Of course, they have a loyal personal assistant who is like a gatekeeper at Fort Knox. 

  • The cappuccino consumer: The extroverted socialite (to any degree) who is creative and looks on the bright side of life (cue Monty Python). They are attached to multiple screens and conversations at once (whether the conversations are on devices or live will vary). They like to doodle and do other artsy things like paint, make origami, or build Pinterest crafts. They live at coffee shops.

  • The black coffee bud: The serious one. Straight-laced. Quiet, dedicated, and often a purist. Sometimes enigmatic. Presentation is as it should be: perfectly parted, professional hair, pressed suits (often black but other mute colors are welcome), either has a mustache or clean-shaven, sometimes sports fun socks. 

  • The artisan coffee aficionado. The fashionable one, often wearing plaid, a beard or solid stubble, and either glasses or a scarf. If not wearing plaid, then a tight sweater will do. They live outside the mainstream lifestyle, never enters the big chain coffee shops, and they prefer to drink the expensive coffee that was extracted from some animal's fecal matter. Don't be shocked if their Instagram is full of overhead shots of art drawn in the foam (if they get a drink with foam). 

  • The frappuccino fanatic. Blogger. Instagrammer. Pinterest poet. They do it all. Their eyes on their smartphone posting a tweet about the latest fashion guides and trends. Of course, they are always on the move and moving quickly. They stay ahead of the trends. 

So which coffee drinker are you? Or do you prefer a simple cup of K-Cup coffee or a cup of fresh ground coffee at home? Whichever you are, we love that you love coffee and express yourself genuinely! 

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