Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Single Cup Coffee VS Drip

The everlasting battle between single cup coffee versus the traditional coffee brewing method, drip, continues to happen as the world is still welcoming the idea of brewing one cup at a time into its warm embrace.

Coffee enthusiasts are on both sides of the issue in this highly controversial debate as some argue the consistent freshness of the coffee pods while some say that the drip method is cheaper and more generous.

When you consider the cost of the coffee, it definitely factors into the debate here. For K cup coffee we find that the approximate price for it is $50 a pound; this is a bit more than it would cost for a bag of beans at the store. If you break down the cost even further, however, with the cost of filters, pots, and other components, a cup of drip coffee comes to be higher than the cost of the 26 cent cup of single serve.

While the coffee from a single-serve format is a bit more for coffee, one must consider the waste that is involved in the drip method. With a coffee pod, you only brew one cup at a time and you get whatever flavor you want, there is no waste involved; with a drip format, a large pot is made and unless there are enough coffee drinkers to take some from the coffee pot, there will be coffee poured down the drain. So while you might be purchasing the bags of coffee for less than a box of K cups, you have to consider how much of that is going be wasted.

Some coffee drinkers believe that it is still much more worthwhile to drink the single serve because it is convenient and less messy than bags of coffee. As mentioned before, others point out the freshness of K cups since they are sealed all the way until you place them in the brewer and the cup is punctured.

Those devoted to the drip method point out the plastic waste that is involved in the coffee pods. To that,  K cup coffee makers will point to the reusable cup. So now we're getting closely related to the drip method; however, one must remember that you are still only brewing and drinking one cup at a time and so the "no waste" component shines.

So which way is better? It's up to you, the coffee drinker. Ultimately, both sides find themselves in agreement when you reposition the debate to whether it is cheaper to brew at home or stop at a coffee shop.

As an online national coffee distributor we love coffee no matter what, but the K cup does win our hearts.

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