Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Coffee Trends

Every year, every month, every week, every day, down to every hour, coffee is being consumed by someone somewhere. Coffee is a universal drink that transcends culture, age, gender, and social class. Almost every person on the planet enjoys a cup of coffee (some daily and others now and then). But how much do people love coffee? How do all the statistics break down?

The American blue collar and white collar worker enjoys the java. 
  • 43 percent of Americans in the work force declared that they are not nearly as productive in their jobs if they do not have at least one cup of coffee during the day. Most of that 43 percent reported drinking their cup of coffee in the morning hours. 
  • During the work week, 63 percent of American workers stated that they drink two or more cups of coffee during work hours. 
  • Between men and women, who drinks more coffee? Of all the men and women in the United States, 47 percent of women claimed that they need their coffee during work hours to stay productive; men only came in at 40 percent. 
  • Despite coffee drinking being something that is loved across all generations, of the adults in the country, ages 18-34, 62 percent of adults from ages 18-24 stated they needed coffee while at work to remain productive; adults ages 25-34 only came in at 58 percent. 
Of all the jobs in the country, which workers need the cup o' joe the most? 

There are a lot of jobs in the country, some jobs are more strenuous than others and take a bigger physical toll on the body. 

In the study, ten different professions were questioned and the results for who needs coffee the most were:
  1. Food service and preparation workers. So, waiters, chefs, cooks, busboys, caterers, etc. all consume the most coffee out of all employees in the country. 
  2. Scientists. This one makes quite a bit of sense, after all, they do some very intelligent work and need the focus. 
  3. Sales representatives. Maybe this is why so many salespeople talk so fast?
  4. Marketing and Public relations professionals. Being creative means having a sharp and, well, creative mind; these things are hard to do with a tired head. 
  5. Nurses. Pulling those long, intense shifts and saving lives sure would tucker most people out. Let them have coffee, they keep us living. 
  6. Editors, writers, and media personnel. Well, for some, reading is a relaxing activity and needing the caffeine could really do them some good. 
  7. Business executives. Leading a business requires being on top of your game. 
  8. Teachers (K-12). Teaching students can be mentally tiring since it requires patience, creativity, and endurance. 
  9. Engineering techs. Dealing with all that complicated machinery and math can be a drain on the brain. 
  10. IT professionals. Tinkering with computers requires a lot of focus. 
Not only the hometown of Starbucks loves coffee but the whole country does too. 

According to a 2013 study, the region of the country that drank the most coffee was not the northwest but rather the northeast; 64 percent of north easterners drink the stuff! Second place was awarded to southerners at 54 percent, and third place to both midwesterners and westerners at 51 percent. 

Of course, coffee consumption varies depending on your likes and dislikes but it seems that anywhere you go in America, coffee is a favorite. In the past, traditional brew was the favorite but now k cup coffee has become a strong competitor as single cup coffee sales have tripled since 2011. 

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