Wednesday, March 12, 2014

K Cup Coffee Recipe: Cafe Latte

K cup coffee has been a real blessing for many; you get a fresh cup of gourmet quality coffee brewed in your home or office in a matter of a minute. However, for many, the most extravagant thing we do with our coffee after brewing it is maybe add some cream and/or sugar. If you're lucky, you may see someone stir their coffee with a cinnamon stick but that is the most luxurious thing most of us see people do with their coffee they brew themselves. However, it doesn't have to be that way; even if we brew coffee ourselves instead of running to coffee shops, we can still have the fancy drinks.

The drink we will discuss today is the cafe latte. What you will need for this single cup coffee recipe is nothing crazy or going to cost you a fortune:

  • One extra bold coffee K cup
  • Four ounces of milk (you can use skim, one percent, two percent, or whole. This will just make more or less creamy). 
  • Milk frother. 
  • Sweetener (you don't need this if you want less sugar. You can also use a sugar substitute). 
  • A mug (try to get a larger one, like a 14 ounce mug). 
Once you have all your ingredients ready, then go ahead and start making the treat. 
  1. Brew your k cup into your mug. 
  2. While that is brewing, grab your milk and milk frother and heat up your milk with the frother. This will give it a nice consistency. 
  3. Once the coffee is done brewing and is ready, mix in your milk that has been warmed by the frother. 
  4. Add in any sugar or sugar substitute (if you want to) and season to taste. 


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