Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks Threaten Coffee Market

Coffee is an incredibly popular drink with people of almost all ages (almost because it's not popular with kids). However, the potency of the coffee market is getting impacted by the strength of the sports drink and energy drink market that is a favorite of the young adult demographic. The latest survey according to the National Coffee Association published their annual consumer survey that states this troubling news for coffee, including K-Cup coffee.

The majority of the coffee consumption in the country, even world, tends to lean more towards the older age demographics and less for those below the age of 24. For those between the ages of 18 & 39, approximately 20 percent of them mentioned that they have at least one sports drink or energy drink per sitting a couple times a week.

For those in coffee game, this means understanding the popularity of energy and sports drinks, which offer some of the same solutions as coffee. Coffee companies need to find out this information so the energy and sports drinks don't steal the coffee times.

While this news was sad, there was plenty of good news for coffee lovers. Gourmet coffee has become a favorite for the younger markets despite the decline in popularity of traditional coffee. About 34 percent of coffee drinkers stated that they prefer the gourmet coffee these days. This is up 10 percent from four years ago.

Coffee also still remains most popular beverage than soda and even tap water in the U.S. which is the world's largest market for coffee. With the popularity of single cup coffee, it has become even easier to make.

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