Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10 Fun Twists to Put on Hot Cocoa

What is better than having a cup of instant hot cocoa on a chilly day? Nothing, that's what. You can submit other answers but hot cocoa trounces them all. Anyway, it is delicious, warm, and brings happiness to us all. Have you ever wondered how to make something so good even better? Well, I have 10 excellent ways to make your amazing hot cocoa even more fantastic.

  1. Add caramel. I'll admit it, I'm on the "cars-mel" side of things when saying that word, sorry "carmel" fans. Add in a tablespoon of caramel to this and you get a great mix of flavors. Just brew your hot cocoa K-Cup and mix in the goodness. 
  2. Add in ice cream. A small scoop of ice cream is a wonderful way to add in some creaminess and body to the cocoa. Do not worry, your cocoa should still be plenty warm after mixing in the cold ice cream, assuming you heat up the cocoa hot enough prior to the ice cream. 
  3. Add in cinnamon. A great way to add in some spice. 
  4. Add in zest from an orange. What a refreshing and fragrant way to make your cocoa tastier! It is no secret that orange and chocolate make a great combo.
  5. Add in some peppermint. Mmm-mm how about a minty, chocolatey drink??
  6. Peanut butter. It is like a liquid Reese's cup. Amazing. 
  7. Habanero pepper. A spicy twist that makes it tantalizing and oh so good. 
  8. Cherries. You know that jar of maraschino cherries in the fridge? Plop a couple of those in and have a chocolate cherry. 
  9. Maple syrup. Squirt some if nature's nectar in some cocoa and have a great cocoa! It's not just for waffles and pancakes, anymore! 
  10. Coffee. Brewing some K-Cup coffee and then mixing it with your cocoa is a wonderful way to get some nice flavor, and caffeine, into the cocoa! 
Enjoy these twists on a cold weather favorite! In need of cocoa? Then purchase hot cocoa from Coffeevines! We sell Swiss Miss

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