Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Can We Have Tea or Coffee After Thanksgiving Dinner?

It is customary for many people to have a cup of tea or coffee right after having a large meal. We get tired and so a cup of coffee is ideal to wake us up; a cup of tea often seems ideal, too, because we think the menthol or mint can soothe our stomachs.

While we can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after a meal, right after is not always the best plan of action. The best time to have some coffee or tea is an hour after eating.

Why should you wait an hour after eating? Well, tea and coffee both have acid in them and that acid can cause proteins to digest slower; this could cause us to not get the full benefits from the meal.

This is why you should wait an hour after finishing the meal; you get the benefits of the meal and then still get to enjoy the benefits of the coffee or tea.

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