Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Advantages of Drinking Green Tea When You're Sick

Trying to keep your body healthy is incredibly important. This importance takes a few ticks up when you are sick; doing whatever you can to ease the situation becomes a priority. Depending on the type of illness that you have, there are different things to do to help the situation and get you feeling better sooner.

Green tea has been considered a great natural remedy for many centuries. Even research from today confirms that there are many healthy qualities of green tea; anti-inflammatory qualities, anti-infective compounds.

Anti-inflammatory qualities-- There are many illnesses that have inflammation as a side-effect. Things like fever, swelling, pain, etc are all connected to inflammation. Green tea is loaded with great polyphenols, compounds that help suppress inflammation. It doesn't allow the immune cells, neutrophils, do their thing (which cause inflammation). Green tea also has catechins, which suppress inflammatory compounds called interleukins. You can indeed get these awesome qualities with green tea K-Cups.

Anti-infective qualities-- If you are sick with some sort of pathogen, then consuming green tea can help with hastening your recovery. A medical study from 2011 found that green tea can help prevent the admittance of Hep C virus. Another study from 2013 said that it also prevents the buildup of cells from various bacteria and fungi.

Looking for healthy, delicious way to help your body feel better and get over sickness? Consider having some K-Cup green tea.

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  2. Yeah that is correct that green tea have healthy qualities, so we should take it daily. Green tea helps in curing fever and swelling and also helps in weight loss. Well, I am taking green tea in morning and in evening Green drink made up of curd, spinach that is really healthy.