Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffee 101: Fun Facts About Java

Coffee. Java. Cup of Joe. We have a lot of nicknames for the caffeine-packed brown liquid that is the life source to many. The truth about coffee is that there are a lot of things to know about it. Some of us drink coffee and do not know much more about it than it is delicious, wakes us up, and it comes from that machine over there. However, we plan to change that! We plan to educate you on the finer details about the stuff and make you a smartypants about coffee.

  • The first thing you should know about coffee is that the bean we roast, grind, and brew actually grows inside little red berries; the beans are the pits of the berry. Some people affectionately refer to the berry as coffee cherries; yes, the berries are edible. So yes, you are consuming “fruit” when you have a cup of Joe; the coffee bean shares many similarities with the Brazilian acai berry, true story. As a national online coffee distributor, we think it is cool that we are technically distributing fruit. You are welcome for your health.
  • Hawaii is the only state in the United States that grows coffee commercially. Coffee is commonly grown in areas of the world that are near the equator, like Brazil, Vietnam, etc. and Hawaii is the only US state that has the right climate to brew the stuff. Kona coffee is the popular coffee from the state.
  • In Turkey, if your spouse did not provide you with coffee, it was grounds for divorce (beh-duh-tince!). This custom is not practiced anymore but at a time, it was. Still, watch out for the times when you brew some single cup coffee without making some for your spouse.
  • The country to produce the most amount of coffee crop is Brazil, followed by Vietnam, and then Colombia. Brazil produces nearly twice as much crop as Vietnam and Colombia, on average; Brazil’s crop is a third of the crop in the entire world.
  • It would take about 100 mugs of coffee to create a lethal dose of caffeine. Obviously, the amount differs for your caffeine tolerance and your body size, but on average, it would take approximately 100 cups.
  • Most of the coffee enjoyed in the world is Arabica; nearly 70 percent of coffee on the market is Arabica. Robusta is at 30 percent. Robusta has nearly twice the caffeine that Arabica has.
  • The Americano was created during World War 2 when American soldiers would order their espresso with water to dilute it; they thought the European way was too strong.

Now you can feel smart when drinking coffee because of all the cool facts you now know about the beverage.

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