Tuesday, May 20, 2014

3 Tips for Making the Best Iced Coffee from K Cups

It is technically summer, official summer does not start for another month, but the weather is already saying, "I'm here!" and so this means iced coffee. Coffee lovers still need to get our fixes every day, perhaps more than once a day, but sometimes the heat just makes it too difficult to enjoy a hot cup.

You can't deny that having a single cup coffee machine gives you the latest and greatest coffee offerings and is also convenient. Forget about measuring out all sorts of amounts for coffee every morning. Now, k cup coffee machines have yet to really nail down the "iced coffee" option, so we still have to brew it like normal and then mix in some ice but still, having one of these makes making an iced coffee even better and easier.

So what are three things that every coffee lover needs to remember when they try to make their cup of iced coffee this summer?

  1. The ice. This is a really common mistake for people to make. A lot of "at-home baristas" think that you need to wait until the end of the brewing to add in your ice cubes. While you can still achieve a real good cup of iced coffee by adding in your ice post-brewing, you can get an even better result by putting them in the mug before brewing the coffee. Why? Well, when you put the ice in before brewing, you allow the coffee to cool while brewing; this allows the coffee to become cooler and creamier, faster. 
  2. The coffee blends. Choosing the best coffee blend is a a big help to making a
    delicious cup of coffee. The right coffee will make a nice and delicious cup of iced coffee that will get your taste buds buzzing. Try to use either a french vanilla k cup because that will go really well with any cream you add into the coffee. 
  3. The cream, sugar, and milk you add. You can add your combination of these and in varying amounts, it's up to you; it depends if you like a creamier coffee or a stronger coffee flavor. 
The heat of summer will not squash your love of good coffee, so conquer the heat with a great iced coffee. 

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  1. Will have to give this a try once my new K-cups arrive!