Friday, July 18, 2014

Debunked Coffee Myths: 5 of Them

Coffee is one of the world's most consumed beverages, along with tea and water. Due to its popularity, there are going to by myths about it because people form their own theories about it. We have a list of 5 debunked coffee myths so you can live your life knowing the correct coffee information.

Whether it is K-Cup coffee, espresso, drip coffee, or other kinds, we myths for them.

  1. Espresso has more caffeine than K-Cups. Espresso is a potent form of coffee when you consider the caffeine; however, that is because espresso is packing lots of caffeine into a little bit of liquid. So by volume, espresso wins. However, when you look at the numbers, both espresso and single cup coffee are actually comparable in terms of caffeine. The USDA states that 2 ounces of espresso has 120 mg's of caffeine while a 10 ounce cup of coffee has about the same amount. 
  2. Arabica coffee is king of the [coffee] crop. Arabica beans are very popular, often more popular than robusta. Robusta beans are less popular due to their rubbery and acrid flavor that has caused many to consider the beans to be inferior. Approximately three-quarters of the coffee drinking world consumes arabica over rubusta. However, when you look at the market shares, robusta is miles in front of specialty grade and other certified coffees. 
  3. The only coffee Italians drink is Espresso coffee. While they do love the stuff, about two-thirds of Italian coffee drinkers consume their coffee at home. Do they own countertop espresso machines? Most of them do not; many of them use a "moka pot" which is like an espresso machine but it does not make anything as strong as true espresso. They are very popular machines. 
  4. Decaf is for the weak! This is not a fair assumption; many people avoid the caffeinated version for a multitude of reasons. Such as those who are pregnant: those with heart conditions, allergies, those who are easily affected by caffeine, people who drink it late in the day, etc. The bottom line is that just because you drink decaf coffee, doesn't mean you are not strong enough for real coffee. 
  5. The gourmet coffee is too pricey. The old saying goes, "You pay for quality". And it is very, very true. You also pay for coffee that is worth more work, such as fair trade certified coffee and organic coffee. When coffee requires more work to harvest, roast, and brew, then yeah, it will be more costly. It is like buying a high-end car, it wouldn't be fair to the manufacturer to charge the same price as a less quality car. 

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