Thursday, July 3, 2014

8 Reasons You Should Try Organic Coffee

Coffee gives off an exciting and therapeutic aroma and then completes it with a lovely flavor. These things are part of what make coffee just so darn necessary to everyday life, also , it helps wake us up very nicely. Now, imagine having that plus having the knowledge that the K-cup coffee is organic coffee as well. Coffee already gives us numerous health benefits but now imagine that PLUS the organic health benefits.

Why organic?

  1. Organic coffee does not have any additives in it. What you get is pure ground coffee beans with nothing else added into it. 
  2. It is full of nutrients and vitamins as well. You have even more antioxidant benefits than you get with non-organic. Antioxidants that help fight disease and even aging. 
  3. You get caffeine in its greatest and purest way, this makes its energizing effect even better. 
  4. It has even greater flavor- both in quality and quantity.
  5. The soil that the beans were grown in used organic fertilizer and that helps put the nutrients back into the soil. 
  6. Organic fertilizer helps make a healthier, fuller crop that produces a much more quality product. 
  7. The soil that the plants grow in is much more resistant to disease and ward off soil erosion. 
  8. You help coffee farmers earn a better standard of living. 
So next time you purchase K-Cups, go ahead and buy some organic single cup coffee and see the difference for yourself! If you like traditional coffee, that is still incredibly delicious and has tremendous health benefits. 

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