Thursday, February 19, 2015

What New Coffees are at

Getting a new gift is one of the best feelings in the world, almost as good as the feeling you get when you drink a great cup of coffee. So, when you combine the feeling of a new gift and drinking coffee, you get something truly special.

We have three new delicious coffee K-Cups to offer you, and they are good.

  1. Martinson's Cayman Coconut- This blend is a aromatic, relieving blend of coconut, caramel, and chocolate flavors that create a beautiful marriage. The best way to drink Cayman Coconut coffee is to sit back & relax as you feel the tropic breeze wave over you under a palm tree. The sensational flavors create a moment of bliss with each sip and convince you another cup is necessary. 
  2. Martinson's Tiramisu Twist- A truly magical K-Cup coffee blend. Enjoy the flavor of delicious tiramisu and love the quick, convenient brewing style of K-Cups. No need to book a trip to Italy, simply purchase the coffee from and have a little taste of Italy right in your home or office. Sweet, rich, luscious, and lovely, this coffee is nothing short of enchanting. 
  3. Martinson's Mint 'n' Mocha- Refreshing, perky, and sweet, this coffee is a triple threat. The intense and loving aroma is as terrific as the coffee in your cup. Enjoy your mornings a little bit more and have Martinson's Mint 'n' Mocha coffee to greet you. 
Do you live far from a store? Maybe your day is too busy to remember to stop at a store to buy coffee? Or perhaps you don't like the coffee the other person likes to brew? Then buy K-Cup coffee from Coffeevines and have the coffee you want, delivered right to your door. 

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