Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is Coffee the New Superfood?

Recent health studies, and health studies over the past year or two, have been saying how coffee is a fix for all sorts of health issues such as heart disease, certain cancers, Parkinsons & Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, etc. But is it able to help all of these health issues? 

Coffee has hundreds of compounds in it, some of which are good for you, while others are not. This is why coffee has been flip-flopped on the "is it healthy for us?" scale. The good news is that coffee (when consumed in moderation) is not bad for you. However, do proceed with caution before consuming the whole pot of coffee with the belief that you just did your heart and brain a huge favor.

A recent health study from Korea shows that people who consume three to five cups of coffee per day will help reduce calcium build-ups from clogging arteries. While there is some link here, researchers are waiting on more research on these findings.

Coffee has been found to not increase the odds of dying from any specific disease(s) but that does not give us the go-ahead to consume a whole bunch of it. While it can help reduce chances of developing things like heart disease and cancers, this is not so much the case of coffee that is loaded with sugary additives, such as whipped cream. This has been found for both decaffeinated coffee and caffeinated coffee, including K-Cup coffee.

Bottom line: do your research and consume coffee in moderation. One way to keep coffee moderation in check is with coffee K-Cups since you can actually see how much coffee you had after the coffee is consumed. Purchase coffee from Coffeevines and be on your way to a responsible, moderate coffee habit and actually enjoy the health benefits of coffee.

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