Friday, March 6, 2015

3 Cups of Coffee a Day Keeps the Heart Attacks Away

Consuming three to five cups of coffee each day can help keep your risk of heart attack or clogged arteries in check. A recent health study analyzed the connection between levels of coffee consumption and coronary artery calcium, which is an indicator of heart disease (which is the clogging of arteries).

The study was done in South Korea, using 25k men and women with no signs of heart disease and an average age of 41. The researchers found that the people who consumed more coffee had lower levels of calcium.

One cup of coffee meant having an average calcium ratio of 0.77, up to three cups meant 0.66, up to five cups meant 0.59. After that, more than five cups, calcium ratios began to increase. So cap it at five cups, everyone.

The true component in coffee that is causing this health benefit is still being researched but the connection is being found to be true. A doctor from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the U.S. hopes this will change the view of coffee as something that is part of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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