Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Myths & Facts About Tea

There are so many things to know about coffee. Sometimes, it can be hard to know which bits of knowledge are real and which ones are fake. We are here to sort that out so you can enjoy your tea with the correct knowledge.

Herbal teas are genuine teas. Sorry my friend, but herbal teas are not real teas. They are actually "tisanes", real teas are green tea, black teas, white teas, and oolong teas. If your tea is made by steeping fresh or dried flowers, herbs, seeds, roots, or plant barks in hot water, then it is a tisane.

Decaf tea has not caffeine in it. Unfortunately, when tea (and coffee) are decaffeinated, there is still a bit of caffeine left in the product. Not much, about 2 to 10 milligrams per cup. Why? Well, it is very difficult to remove 100 percent of the caffeine in these things, so some caffeine is naturally stuck in the tea (and coffee). Lo siento, mi amigos.

Herbal tea is safe to drink during your pregnancy. Many women believe that they need to avoid normal tea during their pregnancy in favor of herbal tea; however, herbal teas are not much safer during a pregnancy. Some herbal teas have ingredients in them that are not known to be safe with a fetus, so speak with a doctor prior to drinking herbal teas during a pregnancy.

Tea is great for more than just sipping. True! Did you know that you can use green tea for things like poaching fish or cooking grains? Next time you're looking for a fun way to use green tea, consider some cool methods like those!

Adding citrus to your tea makes it healthier. Yup! Tea already is very healthy for us, especially due to its flavanoids (little guys that help reduce heart disease). However, adding in a spritz of citrus (lemon, orange, lime, etc) will help preserve the flavanoids and add in nutrients from the citrus.

So next time you go reaching for a "healthy" beverage, consider brewing some K-Cup tea instead and enjoy the health benefits of tea with the fast, easy convenient brewing style of K-Cups

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