Thursday, April 30, 2015

What Is Estate Grown Coffee?

There are several terms in the coffee world that describe different things. Some of the terms are very clear, while others are much more ambiguous. For example, estate grown coffee. That is a fairly easy term to understand, it's grown on an estate but what does it really mean?

Aren't all coffees grown on an estate or farm?

Well, yes, all coffees are grown on a farm. However, coffees that are marked "Estate Grown" feature the cool characteristic that every bean in that bag usually comes from the same farm, or estate.

Estate grown coffee is a specific type of single-origin coffee. The far
ms the coffee comes from are often small to mid-range in size; a few acres all the way to many square miles, sometimes a collection of farms.

The benefit of estate grown coffee is that it often has a special, unique flavor compared to traditional coffee blends. Check out the estate grown coffee blends that Coffeevines has to offer!

Purchase some estate grown coffee K-Cups from Coffeevines and get a special blend of coffee that we know you will be a fan of.

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