Friday, April 24, 2015

New Coffee Craze to Hit the Market: Nitro Coffee. Heard of It?

A new coffee craze will soon take over the world of coffee: nitro coffee. AC Beverage created a brewing system, the JoeTap system, which creates a new kind of coffee that creates a coffee that generates a quite a buzz.

Nitro coffee is simply that is infused with nitrogen. The JoeTap system makes the coffee with a cold brew method and uses the nitrogen to create a foamy, cascading head (much like Guinness). With the creaminess of the coffee and slightly sweet flavor, the coffee goes down easily. Due to the brewing system, the concentration of caffeine remains very high.

The system adds no cream or sugar into the coffee but it certainly tastes like it has both! A coffee with some sweetness and creaminess, you must try it.

The best coffee craze is arriving since the creation of the coffee K-Cup

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