Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coffee and Tea Companies Will Start Selling K Cups You Can Recycle

Single cup coffee is one of the most popular forms of coffee in the world today; however, there is a hold up for some people who are more environment conscious, they struggle with the idea that all the empty k cups add a lot of waste. However, that is being resolved with a new trend for coffee and tea companies who make k cups.

One company, Mothers Parkers Tea and Coffee, based in Canada, is trying to address the problem by adopting a clear, recyclable k cup that they hope will gain popularity.

Another thing that has been going on to help improve the eco-friendliness of k cups is the reusable coffee k cup, like the one available from Keurig; Keurig also has a program where you can send your used cups to a facility and they will break them down. Keurig has made a promise that all single cup coffee will be recyclable by the year 2020.

The concept of making single serve coffee and tea something impressive to everyone is a goal for all companies involved in the industry; single cup coffee has had immense success since its introduction to the world a number of years ago; in the US, the growth rate of the industry has been 33.6% annually. Since 2008, the sales growth rate has been 78.6%.

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