Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Good News About Green Tea!

Tea is one of the biggest and best beverages in the world; some say it is on the A-list of beverages that we have around the world. It's true, when you think about it, it is tied to all these wonderful things that can happen to our bodies; we see it is linked to weight loss, reducing stress and anxiety, controlling the growth of some cancer cells/free radicals. However, the list of things that tea can do does not stop there, now we can add… uh, what was it? Oh, that's right, "memory enhancer". Almost forgot. I should make myself a green tea K cup

Studies have been showing that tea, especially green tea, have been linked to enhancing our memories. Researchers from Switzerland did an experiment; in the experiment, they gave participants a drink that had 27.5 grams of green tea extract in it (those participating in the experiment were not privy to the information about what the beverage was). During the consumption of their beverages, the participants' brains were monitored by a fMRI machine as they completed tasks that challenged their short term memories.

Those who had green tea extract in their beverages were doing better than those who did not. They did better on the memory tasks and their brains showed different patterns of activation between their frontal lobe and the parietal lobe (front and back of the brain). Green tea apparently stimulates interaction between these two areas.

Further studies will be done to extend the knowledge on this subject.

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