Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Food Pairs with Coffee?

Coffee is a big deal, it is consumed by millions of people around the world every day. It is rather common to enjoy our coffee with some delicious food. However, what foods were basically created with coffee in mind and are the perfect partner to our java friend?

  1. Beignets. This is pronounced like "ben-yay", like you just got really excited for some dude named Ben. These little guys are like heaven in your mouth! They are deep fried dough that you enjoy with a lot of powdered sugar. They are a famous treat at the renowned Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Due to the powered sugar, they can get a bit messy but it is worth it and they blend so well with a cup of your favorite single cup coffee
  2. Coffee cake. Yeah, I mean "coffee" is in the name! Whether you like coffee cake that has fruit, cheese, nuts, plain, whatever, it is going to go well with some coffee. 
  3. Donuts. How many times do you see someone enjoying a donut with their coffee? Think about this pairing and how perfect it is, a whole company is dedicated to this concept (Dunkin')! The best donuts for k cup coffee is a nice cake donut because they are denser but let's be real, any donut is going to work well. 
  4.  Toast. Perhaps the simplest food pairing for some coffee, especially since the average household has at least one loaf of bread so you can make it whenever. Put some butter, margarine, or jam/jelly/preserves on it and you are in a good situation. 
  5. Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. Sometimes you want something savory to enjoy with your coffee, that's where this sandwich of awesomeness comes into play. Now, you don't have to do it on a bagel, an english muffin or toast works well too. 
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