Thursday, April 3, 2014

2 Reasons Why K Cups Beat Ground Coffee

Almost every coffee lover battles with the argument about which style of coffee is better: k cup coffee or ground coffee that you brew through traditional drip methods.

However, here, we have provided two major reasons why k cups aka single cup coffee is better than ground coffee via drip method.

  1. K cups do not waste any coffee. When you brew your cup of coffee from a single cup coffee brewer, you are only making enough coffee for yourself, in an amount that you can easily consume in a responsible amount of time. It may sounds selfish to only make enough coffee for yourself but in reality, it is more responsible than making a whole pot of coffee. See, when you make a whole pot, the whole thing has to be consumed within a short amount of time or it goes cold; once the coffee in the pot goes cold, you either have to heat it up again (gross), or you have to pour it down the drain (sorry, wallet). All the coffee maker brews is one cup that is a good amount, it's not like it brews a gallon just for you. 
    1. You also do not waste coffee because of how long the coffee in the k cups can last. See, when you have k cups, the coffee grounds in the cups is not exposed to air or anything else until you brew the coffee. When you use bags or cans of coffee, all the grounds are exposed to air each and every time you open the packaging to scoop some coffee out. Over time, the air that gets inside reduces the quality of the coffee. 
  2. Variety. With K cups, you can store them on either a carousel or a drawer and even just stack the boxes neatly in your cupboard. If you want to have 20 varieties of coffee blends on your counter, you can easily do that with the small k cups and neat organizer; if you try that with coffee cans, you will run out of counter space quickly. The convenience factor is off the charts when it comes to single cup coffee. Another aspect of convenience is the fact that if you want a different coffee blend than someone else, you don't have to wait to brew another pot to satisfy their desires, you just pop in a new k cup. 

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  1. I will agree I love the variety that comes with K-cups. The flavors never get boring!